Ensuring Simplicity, Trust, and Utility with Digital Instruments

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Introducing the eBTCx Platform:

The eBTCx Platform will be an open and secure global infrastructure to enable anyone and any company the ability to buy, sell, store and spend digital instruments instantly, without the middlemen, from an account that you control – putting your finances back in your hands.

Backed by a Global Alliance of FinTech leaders with proven financial market infrastructure and technology, the eBTCx Platform is a secure global platform connecting investors, financial institutions, merchants and consumers, making it easier, faster and more cost-effective to access, trade and use digital assets. The eBTCx Platform will be designed to meet applicable regulatory requirements, and to support innovation around digital instrumentation and blockchain applications, globally.

  • Total Support for All Asset Classes

    Range of cross-asset coverage supporting foreign exchange, money markets, etc.

  • Greater Flexibility

    Easy configuration of new products and processes using built-in parameters.

  • Custom Extensibility Toolkit

    Provisions bank with uniquely tailored enhancements to their solution without additional source code changes.

  • Seamless Connectivity with Back-end Systems

    Out of the box interfaces for leading industry systems like Reuters, EBS, Markitwire, SWIFT and RMDS.

  • Ensures Regulatory and Compliance Readiness

    Reduce risks, complexity and aid in audit preparations to enhance compliance.

  • Localized Personalization

    Localization on product enhancements supported in tandem with globalization and scalability.

  • Efficient

    Buy, sell, store and spend digital assets within a worldwide Eco-System.

  • Seamless

    An integrated global platform for trading, warehousing and commerce.

  • Secure

    Leveraging our closed-loop market infrastructure, eBTCx is designed to bring regulated trading, clearing and warehousing.

  • Coming Soon

    eBitcoin will announce further milestones in the near future.

What does eBTCx Solve?

• Cross-Border Payment Processing

• Global Remittance

• Incompatible Currency Exchange Mechanics

• Identity & Reputation Management

• Capital Raising

• Supply Chain Management

• Value-Chain Management