erc20 batch payment capable
utility token w/sso support
The Future of Global
Payment Networks (GPNs)


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01 Feb 2019

eBTC LLC & DLT Consulting Unite

Hello eBTC Family! eBTC LLC contracted DLT Consulting to ensure timely development of native products & secure services that incentivize and solidify eBTC`s value proposition globally. Please review our updated Roadmap which outlines our firm developmental agenda.

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eBitcoin (eBTC) is a secure, modern means of digital payment that reduces transaction costs between participating merchants and consumers while providing a long-term solution to blockchain problems in cost, convertibility, transferability, and scalability that plague other platforms and exchanges alike. eBTC is a better Bitcoin; one that's competently managed and fully distributed.

Without brokers, the eBTC platform shows a 44% higher efficiency, saving over $88 bln a year.

3-5% is charged by banks and payment systems
5-15%   is charged by advertising platforms and services
15 - 25%   is charged by advertising agencies and CPA networks
55% Efficiency
0.5% per fair deal
99.5%  Efficiency


White Paper

Click to access the White Paper defining the function and purpose of eBitcoin (eBTC), the ERC20 Utility Token. The White Paper purpose is only to describe the Token mechanics and not intended to confer any value nor financial advisement regarding eBTC nor any corporate activities.



eBitcoin Roadmap
  • Launch Tokenholder Portal
  • Launch Eco-System Core-Services
  • Launch 3rd Merchant Gateway
  • Launch eBTC Wallet
  • Primary Development of eBTCx Platform
  • Complete Development of eBTCx Platform
  • Launch eBTCx Platform MVPs
  • Prepare eBitcoin (ERC20) for integration into eBTCx Platform
  • Complete integration of eBitcoin (ERC20) onto eBTCx Platform
  • Software development kit for external integrations
  • Mobile versions of decentralized applications
  • Sept2018
  • Dec
  • Jan2019
  • Mar
  • May
  • July
  • Sept
  • Nov
  • Jan2020
  • Mar
  • May
  • Jul
  • Sept
  • Nov
  • Jan2021
  • Mar
  • May
  • Jul
  • Sept
  • Nov
  • Alpha version
  • Beta version
  • Release
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