Fully Distributed. Non-ICO. First & Only Incentivized ERC20 w/Batch Payment Capabilities.

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eBitcoin (ERC20) token Advantages

  • Batch Transfer

    Capable of processing up to 3x as many transactions as any other ERC20 token in one block on Ethereum (255 payments).

  • Cheap

    Utilizing eBitcoin (ERC20) batch transfer capabilities enables a user to save up to 70% in gas costs compared to popular alternatives. The average transaction fee for non-batched transfers ranges between $0.02 and $0.03*.
    * www.ethgasstation.info

  • Eco-Friendly

    eBitcoin is a pre-mined, fully-distributed, on-static-deployment platform that operationally reduces energy costs compared to alternatives.

  • Fast

    The approximate time per transaction is 15 seconds* (*based on Eth network load)

  • Cyber Security

    GDPR-Compliant, secured by the Ethereum blockchain